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Hi Newgrounds

2010-11-14 21:49:15 by Serenity-Starlight

what's the best thing to buy for a 6 year old girl's birthday.

I need a job

2010-02-15 22:45:56 by Serenity-Starlight

Can a 15 year old legally get a work permit in California?

And what kind of job would you suggest would let me earn enough to pay for school supplies and clothes and shit like that?
And, no i'm not even gonna test the waters of commissions because my drawings suck and commissions don't work.

My parents apparently don't feel like supporting me anymore so I basically steal their food or eat at a friend's house.

Hi Newgrounds

2010-02-14 00:50:53 by Serenity-Starlight

Tomorrow is valentines day, I uploaded the involuntary pic.

Hope you get some tomorrow. Lulz.

Hi Newgrounds

Aha, i'm such a kid, I went to Shakey's with my best friend and I had fun.

I'm having alot of trouble getting over this art block.
Is there anyone who can help me out? Like, give me tips on how to be able to draw something I can not be ashamed of?

Also, Birthday in 3 days, taking friends to movies, what's a good movie that's up in theaters right now other than Avatar? Preferably a chick flick. This guy I am mad at invited himself and I want to draw him away.

Also, I'll post nudes up, assuming there's nobody walking around to watch me color them.
I wish I was 18 already, I want my own place and computer. I have 4 fucking years I can't even drive yet. I can't stand this place.

Woot, B in Geometry, I suck. Fuck Freshman year. xoxo

Holy Crap!

2009-12-31 14:12:22 by Serenity-Starlight

I never though losing my trial to SAI would be so helpful to my photoshopping skills n_n
And lately I've been having trouble deciding what to draw, so as my dA page says, requests + ATs are always open.
I'm going to be more active, and this time I mean it.

I tried to chibi my character Arquebus, It's impossible, the teeth kill it SO MUCH.
Yes, enjoy this small ugly animu character as my new years gift. ;]

Holy Crap!

I'm aliiive

2009-12-06 15:28:22 by Serenity-Starlight

Haha, I got scouted by the spazztastic Pixelcake <3

I'll be doing ATs, Ill decide when I have enough.
PM me anytime~

I need to get rid of that stupid plunger icon?
I've been browsing the forums lately so i'm gonna start posting.

I pray it will get rid of that damn plunger.

I don't know how newgrounds works.


2009-11-10 19:19:55 by Serenity-Starlight

I have totally forgotten about this site.
I swore I was going to draw something good enough to put up, because I hated what I had up before. :L

Oh Dear.

2009-08-26 16:12:07 by Serenity-Starlight

School is starting quite soon.
I have some gaia comissions to work on, I just feel overworked on everything. And school has not even started.
I don't like my school. >.<
But my friends are there so I have to deal. Even though it's 1000 degrees and it's an outside school where we have to walk all the way across the campus just to get to our next class.
This is going to be a looong school year.

Im sleepy.

2009-08-24 22:14:00 by Serenity-Starlight

Ill submit something to here once I make something I feel is, uhh worthy I suppose :P