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fff.. Im doodling again

2009-11-14 22:08:16 by Serenity-Starlight

I need to get rid of that stupid plunger icon?
I've been browsing the forums lately so i'm gonna start posting.

I pray it will get rid of that damn plunger.

I don't know how newgrounds works.


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2009-11-14 22:09:42

if you vote on enough Flash you will lvl up. and your icon will change.

Serenity-Starlight responds:

Thanks! 8D


2009-11-14 22:30:45

Vote (the 0 - 5 icons) on five flash movies/games everyday to deposit points. ^_^

Serenity-Starlight responds:

thanks lol, :D that's a lot better than help i got from a friend