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Holy Crap!

2009-12-31 14:12:22 by Serenity-Starlight

I never though losing my trial to SAI would be so helpful to my photoshopping skills n_n
And lately I've been having trouble deciding what to draw, so as my dA page says, requests + ATs are always open.
I'm going to be more active, and this time I mean it.

I tried to chibi my character Arquebus, It's impossible, the teeth kill it SO MUCH.
Yes, enjoy this small ugly animu character as my new years gift. ;]

Holy Crap!


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2010-01-01 06:01:13

Jesus fucking Christ that thing is twisted.

Serenity-Starlight responds:



2010-01-17 00:43:13

Wait isn't SAI the best free digital drawing program though?

Serenity-Starlight responds:

I got it through.. my ways now.
Yeah it's not free like gimp, on the site you can have a 30 day trial. But there's alot of decent "sites" you can get it at without paying ;]


2010-01-21 18:08:41

I like your style of art and love the eyes in your drawing "Vladimir" !

Serenity-Starlight responds:

Aww thanks :3


2010-01-22 21:38:50

Nice drawing!

Serenity-Starlight responds:

Thanx :)


2010-01-24 00:22:04

Oh I feel all sneaky now. If last I can remember I didn't pay a dime to get Sai onto my comp. But if you lost the trial to SAI what program are you using now to draw?

Serenity-Starlight responds:

Well I got SAI back, I knew a "guy".


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