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Art block, how to overcome?

2010-01-27 23:17:19 by Serenity-Starlight

Aha, i'm such a kid, I went to Shakey's with my best friend and I had fun.

I'm having alot of trouble getting over this art block.
Is there anyone who can help me out? Like, give me tips on how to be able to draw something I can not be ashamed of?

Also, Birthday in 3 days, taking friends to movies, what's a good movie that's up in theaters right now other than Avatar? Preferably a chick flick. This guy I am mad at invited himself and I want to draw him away.

Also, I'll post nudes up, assuming there's nobody walking around to watch me color them.
I wish I was 18 already, I want my own place and computer. I have 4 fucking years I can't even drive yet. I can't stand this place.

Woot, B in Geometry, I suck. Fuck Freshman year. xoxo


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2010-01-27 23:39:32

Your problem is you are ashamed of art you create. I think that comes from being around other artists and their egos. You need to not worry about what other people will think of your art. Unless of course you want to use it to become rich and famous, then that shit better be like everybody else's you know what I mean.
To overcome artblock, take what you know you are good at ( in order to assuage the learned response of shame ) and draw it backwards, then draw it inside out, the draw it with one eye closed. learn a knew technique to do what you already do. I dunno, I am a useless faggot who has nothing to show or contribute here.
peace & tits

Serenity-Starlight responds:

Damn man that was deep. I never thought of those techniques that I can use and stay within drawing. I always thought of that "oh try a new medium" bullshit that never helps. Thanks!


2010-01-27 23:43:13

Change something about your life, evetualy you'll find something new and it'll inspire you for more ideas.
Know I need to

Serenity-Starlight responds:

hehe, thanks. Maybe I can go for a walk or something. :)


2010-01-28 00:19:03

I apologize, i was just commenting while the ads I clicked on your userpage load.
I am not allowed to give real advice here. Please don't do anything I suggest. I am merely making money for you all. That is what I get paid to do.

Serenity-Starlight responds:

I'm a rebel. I'll do what I want as long as it makes me look cool and makes my parents hate me.


2010-01-28 00:50:01

lmao, you found the path to happiness early. good for you, but understand that your parents are trying to be happy too, so they will attempt to thwart your ever move.

Serenity-Starlight responds:

Haha thank god I found out their motives early too. x]


2010-01-30 22:09:01

you're using newgrounds like its myspace

Serenity-Starlight responds:

You're using myspace like it's newgrounds.



2010-02-03 16:06:34

I don't use myspace

Serenity-Starlight responds:

Then how would you know what it's like?


2010-02-05 21:30:45

(written under IamWeird33's alt)

Also as my first serious comment on your blog I must ask you: do you have flash? because if you do you should animate the way you draw in that submission of yours entitled "rawr". I know I said that it was a bad piece of artwork but you don't need to be good at drawing to be good at animating. When you make just one drawing it's just one thing so people are going to look at it for a while and either admire it or despise it. But when you're animating in FBF you can actually make your drawings very simple and still make it a good animation. This is not only because if you made each frame a highly detailed high quality drawing you will be wasting your time not only because it will take an eternity making each frame so perfect. But also because the frame just goes by quickly so people won't give a shit if it's not perfect because they wouldn't notice it anyway.

So yes you can be a good artist and a bad animator and also be a good animator and a bad artist. Now to be honest you're not a bad artist you are not great either but just good. "rawr" is not a good example of your talent because it is the least detailed and polished of all your works. Also now would probably be the time where you would talk about the fact that I'm not a great artist or animator. But you don't need to be a good artist to have an eye for good art. I've been going to newgrounds for two and a half years and wrote 2350 reviews (and counting). You can only really judge things by comparing them to the general public of artists and animators here. So you can say that something is really good even if it's bad just because you don't what a good thing is.

So yeah you should really get into animation....

Serenity-Starlight responds:

Haha sorry man I thought you had trolling intentions at first :)

Thanks, i'll start looking into flash. I have tried it, but I didn't get it, the tolls and everything, they were so new. Ah well, practice makes perfect, or atleast slightly decent ;)