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Entry #10

Hi Newgrounds

2010-11-14 21:49:15 by Serenity-Starlight

what's the best thing to buy for a 6 year old girl's birthday.


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2010-11-14 21:50:26

Depends, what kind of girl are we talking about?

Serenity-Starlight responds:

A girl with hair and a face.
She likes icarly, the disney princess franchise, and the nintendo DS lite handheld console, where can i go from there?


2010-11-14 21:51:26

a Dora the Explorer back pack??

Serenity-Starlight responds:

That's a good idea actually, i'll try and figure out if she likes dora de explora


2010-11-14 22:40:36

Price range?

Serenity-Starlight responds:

5-10 dollars


2010-11-14 23:28:34

A dildo.

Serenity-Starlight responds:

Xdddd so random


2011-03-13 23:33:54

girl, you thought he was a man but he was really a muffin.